About Us

Salem Grain Company, Inc. was formed in 1974 with the original purchase of the elevator at Salem, Nebraska.  Salem Grain has always been locally owned and has expanded operations since incorporation.  Since 1974, additional facilities were acquired at Falls City and Dawson in Nebraska.  All of the facilities are titled in the corporate name and doing business as: Salem Grain Company, Dawson Grain Company, and Falls City Grain Company.  Administrative offices have remained in Salem since 1974.

The company's scope of operations involves the purchase, storage, and sale of locally raised grain commodities.  At this time, those commodities are yellow corn, white corn, soybeans and wheat.

The Dawson facility consists of 557,531 bushels of licensed capacity on 2.6 acres.  The Salem facility consists of 480,000 bushels of licensed capacity on 9.2 acres.  The Falls City facility consists of 1,347,000 bushels of licensed capacity on 15.58 acres.

The Salem facility has Burlington Northern rail access while the Falls City facility has Union Pacific rail access.